About Pirate Decentralized Application

Pirate is a cross-platform Dapp(Decentralized Application) developed in HOP protocol. Pirate is the first affiliate software whose sole goal is to provide VPN app to all users.

Pirate is the first Dapp application successfully developed based on HOP. It perfectly tests the actual effects of HOP and truly achieves the contribution of spare bandwidth traffic to those in need. Pirate can provide cross-border access data services to all users around the world.

Why Pirate

Fast, Cheap, Secure

Easy to install, eays to use. Available in iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows plateform.

Free to Use

No development cost.

Secure data

All traffics are encrypted.

Network Stability

Decentralized Miners.

Instant Pay

Your wallet your token.

Web UI

Monitor income online.

Ads Free

Fully decentralized app.

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

  1. Account creation guide will popup when you first launch this app.
    – If you have an account, you can directly import the account.
    – If you have an account, you can directly import the account. -If you don’t have one, create account using password.

  2. Click Settings to go to the settings interface to apply for test coins. There will be a slight delay in receiving test coins. It will take about 15 seconds after the prompt for successful receipt. Click the wallet refresh button to see if you have received the test coins.

  3. Click on the traffic market and buy data.

  4. Click select mining pool and mining machine on homepage, then click the connection button to enter the password to start using it. After successful connection, the homepage displays the connected status bar, and the small VPN icon is displayed in the status bar.