Table of Contents
Install & Initiation Miner

Pool and Miner install in different server is recommanded

Initiate the Miner

Get into your linux terminal and start in your home folder:

$ mkdir hop
$ cd hop
$ wget ""
$ mv HOP_amd64 HOP
$ chmod +x HOP
$ ./HOP init -p 321
$ vi ~/.hop/conf.hop
        "bas": "",
        "ECfg": {
                "1": {
                        "id": 1,
                        "apiUrl": "",
                        "paymentService": "0x5ec8589c8832ade0b45c608681bbacef517e7cad",
                        "token": "0x1999ac2b141e6d5c4e27579b30f842078bc620b3"
                "3": {
                        "id": 3,
                        "apiUrl": "",
                        "paymentService": "0x72d5f9f633f537f87ef7415b8bdbfa438d0a1a6c",
                        "token": "0xad44c8493de3fe2b070f33927a315b50da9a0e25"
        "web_port": 42887,
        "access_pub_key": null

id 1 is for the ETH Mainnet and id 3 is for the Ropsten Test network

$ ifconfig
$ ./HOP bas -l "minerloc" -m your_miner_ip -p 321

where -l represents the location information of the miner, which can be filled in at most eight bytes, and -m represents the external network service ip address of the miner. 16
bas ip not set, use system config ip address
reg success!

Join a Pool

$ HOP show address


0x077Cd0084A871DF5b5802Abcd08837a1C1118402 is your Miner wallet address,
HO9Wk5VCnaeuNFVxhbaDAQc5ZEhe4iuz45JTYCpsjbFNZM is your Miner id.

Open Your Pool Console

$ ./Pool eth join -d -p 123 -s HO82VXn1vnBfLKC6Mx92AKk2kJPJbv4mK2YJTKBWqNWKzo -t 30

Where -s represents the micropayment address of the miner, and -t represents the hop tokens that the miner needs to deposit[minimum is 30].

conf init success

+PoolVersion:   0.1.0+
+DebugMode:     true+
+LogLevel:      INFO+
+NetworkID:     3+
+MicroPaySys:   0x72d5f9f633f537f87ef7415b8bdbfa438d0a1a6c+
+Token: 0xAd44c8493dE3FE2B070f33927A315b50Da9a0e25+

log init success
Approving ......

Tx is in process: not found
Tx is in process: not found
Tx is in process: not found
Tx is in process: not found
Tx is in process: not found
Tx is in process: not found
Tx is in process: not found
Tx is in process: not found
Approve success......
Joining pool......
join success

Wait until the “join success” appeared

$ tail -f pool.log
>>>09-13/03:08:44 mchain.go:150        Syncing              [NOTI] Miner data start to sync:sys:90 local:89

>>>09-13/03:08:44 miner.go:30          updateMinerData      [NOTI] update local miner data by :
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@[Miner Data Message]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
@@PayerAddr:    0xDfB3533df84bC4955552B55F6933AD99b429be89
@@SubAddr       HO82VXn1vnBfLKC6Mx92AKk2kJPJbv4mK2YJTKBWqNWKzo
@@GTN           50000000000000000000000
@@Zone          US

Running Miner

Open 3000-65535 TCP,UDP and BAS tcp:8854 udp: 8853

$ nohup ./HOP -d -p 321 >hop.log 2>&1 &
$ ps -ef|grep HOP
root        2702    2681 23 04:41 pts/2    00:00:01 HOP -p 321
root        2711    2681  0 04:41 pts/2    00:00:00 grep --color=auto HOP
$ netstat -nlp| grep HOP

Check Pirate Dapp to buy data from this pool and enjoy the free network.

Command and Option


$ HOP -h
  HOP [flags]
  HOP [command]

Available Commands:
  bas         register self to block chain service
  help        Help about any command
  init        init miner node
  show        show miner's basic info

  -b, --basIP string      Bas IP (default "")
  -c, --cmdPort string    Cmd service port (default "42017")
  -h, --help              help for HOP
  -p, --password string   Password to unlock miner
  -v, --version           HOP version

Use "HOP [command] --help" for more information about a command.


$ HOP bas -h
  HOP bas [flags]

  -b, --basIP string      HOP bas -b [BAS IP]] (default "")
  -h, --help              help for bas
  -m, --minerIP string    HOP bas -m [MY IP Address]
  -p, --password string   HOP bas -p [PASSWORD]


$ HOP init -h
  HOP init [flags]

  -h, --help              help for init
  -p, --password string   Password to create Hyper Orchid block chain system.


$ HOP show -h
  HOP show [command]

Available Commands:
  address     hop miner's network layer address
  counter     hop miner's network layer address

  -h, --help   help for show

Use "HOP show [command] --help" for more information about a command.
$ HOP show address -h
  HOP show address [flags]

  -h, --help   help for address
$ HOP show counter -h
  HOP show counter [flags]

  -h, --help          help for counter
  -u, --user string   User's main address to show