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Overview of the HOP Protocol

About HOP Protocol

Decentralized Data Center Protocol with Micro-payment

HOP is the only protocol in the world that comes with micro-payment and is officially commercialized. Its birth can provide absolutely secured access to terminal nodes for any business related to decentralized Data Center.

The HOP protocol provides a decentralized, completely anonymous, blockchainbased traffic service for people around world. That is, as long as you have an idle router or computer, and an idle network upstream, you can contribute it to those in need. The user pays a certain amount of tokens to the network bandwidth traffic provider according to the amount of traffic used, and the network transmission between the traffic user and the traffic provider is encrypted. This consensus is called Traffic Mining.

At the same time, the HOP team combined P2P network transmission and blockchain technology to establish blockchainmicro-payment protocol based on the blockchain transmission encryption protocol between P2P network bandwidth contributors and bandwidth users, and merged it into the traffic mining and mining pool side. The entire protocol is built on the Ethereummainnet, and it has Micro Payment & mining functions. In addition, Hop also supports for ERC20 traffic mining in any tokens. So far, HOP is the only protocol that combines the above functions and officially used. Its birth can provide terminal nodes for secure access to VPN networks.

Architecture of HOP Protocol

HOP Protocol Core Technology

Data Packet Consumer & Product
Data Packet Market
Data Packet Market
Micropayment Protocol

The architecture design of HOP supports both public blockchain as well as alliance blockchain and provides a unified privacy protection protocol overview for different application scenarios. It has a two-layer network of communication storage and incentive mechanisms.

HOP is a private network protocol that can communicate and transmit messages securely. This is defined by the payment layer, which is distributed ledger technology (DLT) or blockchain infrastructure, and can open the payment channel on behalf of the HOP nodes running the HOP network.