Table of Contents
Learn about Pirate App

Welcome to the Pirate app tutorial. Here we will see how we can use the “DECENTRALIZED VPN ” by simply downloading the Pirate app.

Download the Pirate App

Create Account

Once you Open the app you will see something like this. You just need to create a new account by entering a password or you can import your account by simply clicking on IMPORT ACCOUNT.

Once you enter your password and confirmed it. It will take a couple of seconds & you will see a screen something like this.

Once you finished this screen then your account setup is finished.

Get free 1000 HOP coin

Now you will taken to the Main Page of the app. The interface you’ll see will be like this. Now click on the wallet icon and you will be taken to the app page like this.

Click on get FREECOIN button to get 1000 HOP coin.

Now you will see the blockchain transaction approving, The screen you will see is something like this.

Once your Transaction is approved you will get a success message on your screen like this.

Once you see this message you can now see that the HOP coin has increased in your account to 1000 coins

Get free Ethereum coin

Now add the Ethereum coin. Click on GET FREE COIN(0.05 ETH) and you’ll see the blockchain approving similar to this..

Once the blockchain approves the transaction you will see the success message on your screen.

Once this message shows up. Now you can check your Ethereum Balance and it should show the coins.

Flow Market

Click on the Recharge flow icon on the left side of the wallet icon. It should show Flow Market, click on it. It should take you to the Pool page. The UI you will see is like this..